New to my Telegram? Here’s what you need to know:

My Telegram channel has 4 rules. Breaking the rules will get you kicked out and once you are kicked out, you will not be let back in:

1) No being rude.

2) No promoting other groups, self promotion or sharing affiliate links.

3) Do not message someone without their permission first.

4) Do not judge others for what or how many items they buy.

Amazon is a third party website which means not everything on the site comes from Amazon. Sometimes items can be shipped from normal people like you and me. I like to call it “a fancy Ebay.”

Because of this, there can be scams. 

Please click the following link and read about the difference between good freebies and bad freebies:


Here is a step by step showing the basics of how my Telegram is set up to send you deals:


I explain how to do that in this video:

I explain how to do that in this video:

If the code says it is invalid, that means the code no longer works and the deal is over. 

If the link is gone, that means the deal is no longer available. 

Freebie deals end VERY quick. Sometimes within a couple minutes! So it’s important to know the basics. Please watch this video for all the info you need on how to get freebies faster:

Does Mr. Krabs tell everyone what the Krabby Patty Secret Formula is? Nope… didn’t think so. 

Please refer to this link on steps to open the app when a link directs you to your internet browser:

How To Easily Open The Amazon App

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Did I mention refresh?
This is an error on Amazon’s part. Everyone should be eligible for coupons on the page.
Make sure you are loading the page completely before trying to clip the coupon.
If you are on the app, “refreshing” can be done by exiting out of the product page and coming back to it. Sometimes you have to do this multiple times for it to work.

Please refer to this page on steps showing how to change the seller of an item:

Amazon “Other Sellers”

I posted mainly Prime deals so it’s very rare for orders to get cancelled, but it is possible.

If an item gets cancelled, it will get removed from your “orders” page and will be sent to your “cancelled orders” page. Find your cancelled orders page and see if the item you are looking for is there. 

A lightning deal is when Amazon sets a special price for an item but only a certain amount of people can get this deal. 

Typically, if I send a lighting deal, you want to add it to your cart VERY FAST. 

If you get it in your cart, you will have 15 minutes to decide if you would like to buy it at the special price or not. 

If you fail to add it to your cart, you may see the button “join waitlist.” If you join the waitlist, it will put you in line to get the deal if someone else decides not to buy it. I always recommend joining the waitlist because sometimes you may get the deal even though you thought it was over!

If you are on the waitlist and you end up being able to get the deal, the app/website should notify you that you are next in line. 

Ignore this. The third party sellers will send you sob stories that are fake trying to get you to cancel. 

They do this because if they cancel themselves, it will look bad and their item will drop in ranking on Amazon. They want their item to be #1 and to make more money so they attempt to make you feel bad to cancel. These people are making A LOT of money, do not feel bad. 

This is a problem on Telegram’s side. We have learned that leaving the channel and then rejoining will fix this issue. 

People are talking in the chat that is connected to my Telegram channel. This can be accessed by clicking the name of the group “Coupon with Kayla deals!”

You will then see multiple buttons. Click on the button that says “discuss.” That will lead you to the chat. I highly recommend making sure notifications are off for the chat because people are very talkative. You can still have notifications on for the channel though, so no worries. 

I turn comment off on the chat when I am away from the computer or sleeping. 

This is due to many fights and people breaking rules while I am sleeping. Turning off comments prevents this. 

Sometimes I will post a “ISO” post and you can reply to that post with your comment.

If you do not see the post, you can also tag me in the chat @kaylaburk along with the item that you would like a deal on. Tagging me will give me a notification. 

Sometimes random people will try adding people from the chat into random groups. To stop this from happening, go to:

Settings > Privacy > Groups and Channels and set it where only your contact can add you to groups!

 Yes. Every time you use my link to buy something, I get commission. I do not make money on freebies though, it is just fun to share.

Using my links to support me allows me to do this as a full time job so I can find deals for you all day!

An affiliate link is a link that someone uses to make money. All of my links are affiliate links. 

You are not allowed to post affiliate links in the chat. If you are unsure if a link is an affiliate, feel free to send it to me in a message and I can let you know. 

The reason I do not allow affiliate links is for 2 main reasons:

  1. Some people will send deals that aren’t really deals just to make money off of you. I want to prevent that.
  2. Someone else’s affiliate link over rides mine, therefore making me lose out on money. I have worked hard to make my group so I would prefer others to not share affiliate links in my chat. 

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