Free Samples From Send Me a Sample!

There is an app you can add to your Alexa that can send you free samples – yup 100% free!

Note: I have been told it can be on Google devices as well, but I am unsure how to add it to Google devices since I do not own Google devices. I will update this page once I learn how.

Here are the steps to add the app to your Alexa device. Once you add it once, it will be easier in the future.

1) Go on your Alexa app on your phone and click “More” at the bottom.

2) Click “Skills and Games”

3) Search “Send me a sample”

4) It should be the first one to pop up. Add it as a skill to your Alexa.

5) Make sure you set it up correctly with your address so that it knows exactly where to send your free samples!

That’s it! Once that’s done, you can just ask any of your Alexa devices to send you a sample whenever one is available. I try my best to send out a notification when I know a new sample is available!

🚨 Samples are usually only available for a limited amount of people so it’s better to try to grab it sooner than later.

🚨 Samples take soooo long to come in the mail. Like a month. Most of the time I forget about them by the time they show up. But hey… they’re free… so it’s like a fun little surprise to yourself in the mail lol


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