Privacy App

The Privacy app is used by tons of couponers because the app allows you to make pre-paid cards that can only be used once (plus you can set the limit of how much can be charged on it). Sometimes you will find a subscription that offers the first month free. We can use a Privacy card to put on file for this subscription. If we set a limit of $1 on the card, it will stay on file but never get charged. Meaning you no longer have to worry about a company charging you in the future for a subscription you don’t want!

Plus, once the card is used once… it can NO LONGER be used again. The next transaction used on that card will be declined. This is also great if you see a deal on a website you’ve never bought from before. It keeps your mind at ease that they won’t try to charge you again in the future.

To sign up for Privacy, click here.

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