May 4, 2021 Penny List

The following are categories. Look for items that fall in these categories. Scan the item with the Dollar General app to confirm they are $0.01. If they are $0.01, it will show it in the app. Make sure you have the correct store set in your app. If you have bad signal in a Dollar General store, connect to their wifi for free.

Easter Candy and Baking

Easter Seasonal

Easter Stationery/Party

Fall/Winter Apparel, Shoes, and Accessories

Fall/Winter Home

Red Square Shoes

Below is NCI store list. That means these items specifically can only be found at NCI stores. Click here to see a video showing how to tell which store is a NCI store.

NCI Wish Apparel

NCI Pink Clover Apparel

NCI Orange Clover Apparel

Housewares SS Bottie 1702 Assorted 1ct 691466904751

Housewares 9oz Glass Neon Margarita 4ct 840325065502

Housewares 1402 Glass Fiona DOF 6ct 850016009340

Housewares 160z Glass Fiona Hi 8all 6ct 850016009357

Housewares 14oz Glass Vitalis DOF 6ct 850016009364

Housewares 1602 Glass Vitalis Hi Bal 6ct 850016009371

Housewares Dinnerware Set White 16ct 847279049220

Housewares Dinnerware Set Grey 16ct 847279049244

Housewares Dinnerware Set Chnd Print 16ct 847279049251

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