May 1, 2021 Penny List

BananaBoat D/B Suntan Lotion D/BalanceSPF50 60z 79656016802

Belle Cosm Organizer Rectangle 1ct 679077107952

Bendon Activity Books Disney Ast 1ct 9781474821292

Bendon Activity Books Disney Ast 1ct 9781474821483

Bendon Activity Books Disney Ast 1ct 9781474821216

Bendon Activity Pack PDQ Astd 1ct 805219380994

Bendon Mini Activity Carry Along 1ct 805219442180

Clearance Licensed Activity Set Bendon Ast 1ct 805219451304

Clearance SStationery Pen Gaurdian Angel 1ct 16687750329

DG Party U7in Plate Llama 8ct 11179363544

DG Party B9in Plate Llama 8ct 11179363551

DG Party UBalloon Pink 24in 1ct 11179346219

DG Party RBalloon Red 24in 1ct 11179346240

DG Party BLunch Napkin Llama 16ct 11179363520

DG Party ALunch Napkin Minnie 16ct/1pk 11179362622

DG Party NTreat Cups Multi Dot 4ct 11179346172

Disney Activity Pack Surprise Ast 1ct 805219426982

Elmers Glue BGlitter Tray 1ct 26000185769

GE 60W Globe ECrystal Clear 2ct 43168461634

GE Globe Bulb A40WN 3ct 43168265379

Greeting Pens RPen Spring 1ct 813851003515

Housewares DLabels Stickers 1ct 806008707831

Housewares Lid Disc 806008707848

Licensed Activity Book Color N Draw 1ct 697675727402

Licensed Board Book Bendon 1ct 805219414231

Licensed Book Find It Fast 1ct 697675434331

Licensed Childrens Book 1 Fish 2 Fish 1ct 9780394800134

Licensed Childrens Book Abcs 1ct 9780394800301

Licensed Childrens Book Cat In The Hat 1ct 9780394800011

Licensed Childrėns Book Green Eggs&Ham 1ct 9780394800165

Licensed Coloring Book Mini Clr Bk K 1ct 430000185672

Licensed Ladies Socks Assorted 4ct 691466686312

Licensed Puzzle Tray Bendon Ast-1ct 697675434300

Licensed Socks Astd 5ct 86694412015

NCAA Tattoos Peel & Stick 1ct 430000228003

Section Licensed Board Book Assortment 1ct 9788888860039

Section Stationery Pen Greeting BCA 1ct 813851003591

Socks Boys 1/2C Athl Assorted 6ct 691466689870

Socks Boys Lowcut Astd 10ct 25634606701

Socks Boys Lowcut Novelty Astd 10ct 25634606985

Socks Girls Lowcut Astd 10ct 25634606718

Socks Girls Lowcut Novelty Astd 10ct 25634606992

Socks Girls Socks Assorted 691466686114

Socks Girls Verbiage Astd 6ct 691466686992

Socks Ladies Liners Assorted 5ct 20748170148

Socks Ladies LowCut Astd 5ct 691466686268

Socks Ladies Lowcut Pvc Bag-Astd 7ct 25634593582

Socks Ladies Verbiag Astd 6ct 691466686985

Socks Ladies/Girls Knit Critter 2ct 752229137219

Socks Mens Lowcut Astd 10ct 25634606695

Socks Mens Socks Assorted 3ct/5ct 691466686060

Stationery Father Bsness PDQ 1ct 9781478992967

Stationery Slime Kit F18 1Ct 430001007546

Tracfone/NET10 Phone $5 1ct 430000572533

Varsity Ladies Socks Low Cut 6ct 751038889036

Wee-tots Girl Socks Astd 6ct 20748174184

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