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Frequently asked questions about clearance:

The answer to this is complex but to sum it up: Brickseek. I use the Brickseek website to find clearance around me (even if the employees at the store haven’t put a sticker on it yet)! 

To see the full explanation so you can learn how to do it to, please watch the video above (yes, it’s long, but it’s TOTALLY worth it!). If you cannot see the video, click here to see the video.

This is usually because of 1 of 2 things:


1) You may think you found the right product, but you might have found a new version of the product (sometimes they look identical). The only way to confirm you have the right product is by match the UPC from the box to the one on BrickSeek. The UPC is the number shown on the barcode of the product.

2) Your store may not have dropped in price yet. Each store marks their clearance prices down on different days. So if your store hasn’t change the price yet – keep an eye on it! It might change price later on!

Nothing is used for clearance deals. You just find the deal, scan it and the discounted price will automatically apply at checkout (if you found the correct deal). 

There could be many reasons, including:


1) The item is located in a random place in the store and you just haven’t found it yet (or on the top shelf, be sure to look up).

2) Another person has hid it in the store.

3) The item is located in the back. You can ask an employee to check for you.

4) The item may have been stolen, misplaced, damaged, etc. The inventory checker does not account for these types of problems.

5) Sometimes the inventory is legit jacked up for some products. There’s nothing we can do about it.

NO! There is no store that price matches clearance. It is against their policy.

Brickseek is a website that can be used to check prices of items in store. It can also show you clearance mark downs of items near you. Watch the video above for more information. 

No, Brickseek is a website. The website domain is: www.brickseek.com


Although, if you upgrade to an extreme membership, you can contact John at Brickseek to get information on getting a special download to the app. In my opinion, the app is exactly like the website. So to save memory on your phone, it’s not really necessary. Hopefully they will make an official app for everyone in the future. 

Yes and no. There is a free version, a $10 version (Premium) and a $30 version (Extreme). I always recommend people to get the Premium version at minimum. Only get the Extreme version if you are a hard-core clearance shopper (like myself).


The free version allows you to:

1) Look up items with a UPC or SKU number.

2) See a limited amount of clearance deals online or in store near you.


The Premium version allows you to: 

1) Look up items with a UPC or SKU number.

2) See more clearance deals online or in store near you (more than the free version, less than the extreme version).

3) See markdowns by store. Instead of seeing just random mark downs from around the US, you will see specific mark downs that are located in your exact store.

4) You will be able to see “Today’s Markdowns.” The free versions are random and sometimes outdated markdowns. The Premium option lets you know the markdowns are fresh and new!

5) You will able to see “Popular Searches.” If there is something popular that everyone is finding, you’ll be able to see these items and check to see if they are near you too!

6) Set alerts for items. This way if an item goes down in price, you will be notified. For premium members, this function updates every 24 hours.


The Extreme version allows you to everything the Premium version does, plus:

1) You will be able to set more alerts for items and it will update every 12 hours instead of 24 hours.

2) You will be able to see ALL the deals. There will be no deals hidden from you, unlike the other versions.

3) You will be able to see all the marked down items from all the stores around you on one page. 

Coupon with Kayla
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