HEB: $67 Worth For $27.50!

I’m still getting the hang of HEB, so today I tested out some basket coupons they had available to see if they are double dipping and it worked! Which means we are able to save some money on some diapers and shampoo!

NOTE: Last week I saw that HEB had removed the option of being able to double dip with the shampoo basket coupons they had to offer. This scenario with the diapers includes using two basket coupons that double dip (meaning you can use them both on the same products). If for any reason they do not both come off at the register, it may be because they have removed the option to use them together. Therefore, I recommend doing this scenario ASAP just in case. I have yet to figure out exactly how HEB handles basket coupons. All I know is I tried the scenario, and it worked!

I did this deal on September 30. Unless the Huggies coupons stop working together, this deal should be good through September 6 or until Ibotta rebates are no longer available in the app.

Here’s what to do:


(3) Tresemme Shampoo/Conditioner – $3.88

(4) Smaller packs of Huggies Snug & Dry diapers – $7.97

(1) Box of Huggies Snug & Dry diapers – $23.48

Total before coupons: $67 + tax


$10 off $40 worth of Huggies diapers basket coupon (HEB digital coupon)

$10 off $50 worth of baby diapers, formula, food, etc. basket coupon (HEB digital coupon)

$3 off $9 Tresemme basket coupon (HEB digital coupon)

$2 off 1 Tresemme bottle (HEB digital coupon)

$3/2 Tresemme product (paper coupon from the Sunday newspaper a couple weeks ago)

Total after coupons: $39 + tax

NOTE: I clip digital coupons to my HEB account each week. These coupons may or may not be available to everyone this week if you did not clip this last week. If you did not clip them last week and are no longer able to get them, be sure to clip all your basket coupons and high value coupons to your account in future weeks!


$4 from Ibotta for the smaller packages of Huggies Snug & Dry diapers

$3 from Ibotta for the Huggies Snug & Dry box

$4.50 from Ibotta for the Tresemme bottles

Total after cash back: $27.50 + tax!

PLUS! Make sure you scan your receipt with Fetch Rewards. Tresemme goes toward their current offer for Unilever products. The current offer is spend $30 in Unilever products, get $10 back (and you can get that reward up to 5 different times)! This offer goes until November 30, so we have plenty of time to reach that goal! This transaction will give you $11.64 toward that $30!

I was able to hit one of my Fetch Rewards Unilever goals today, making my transaction only $17.50 instead of $27.50!



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  1. Went to the HEB by my office and they didnt have the bags of diapers 😭 I’m gonna try at HEB Plus soon🤞🏼

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