ExpiredWalmart: Two Free Five Star Folders (After Cash Back)

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Right now we have two cash back offers that can get us two free Five Star folders from Walmart! One cash back offer is from Ibotta and one cash back offer is from Checkout 51.

I don’t talk about Checkout 51 much, but it’s just like Ibotta! Scan your receipt to get cash back. Having both Ibotta and Checkout 51 is great because you can scan the same receipt on both apps giving you more of a chance of getting cash back (like for example… this deal)!

To sign up for Checkout 51, click here.

To sign up for Ibotta, click here.

To see a video on how to use Ibotta click here.

Here’s how to get the deal:


(2) Five Star folders ($0.97)

Total before cash back: $1.94 + tax.


$1 back from Ibotta

$1.25 back from Checkout 51

Total after cash back: FREE!

Notes about this deal:

  1. You must buy 2 for this deal to work
  2. You must buy both folders in the same transaction so they are both shown on the same receipt.
  3. You can only do this deal once.
  4. These offers can disappear at any time. Be sure to save these offers on your phone before heading to the store. You don’t want to buy them and then realize that you can no longer get the deal!

  1. Hi Kayla!
    Awesome 4x Acer laptop deal (steal!). Followed your message to go to your IG account to get UPC codes however I do not see it posted. My store allows one to be purchased and is marked as 229.00 but I would imagine price matching especially within their own company should apply. If I can capture a clear shot of the receipt with date, item number and price for sure I will hit up as many stores as I can. In a bind and if flipping a product can help me in the finance department I have got to try. Not a social media guru so not sure how to give you my email privately errrr! Help!

  2. I guess I’m just wondering how you know what’s ideas are cheaper then what they say?

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