ExpiredR.P. Lumber: Toilet Paper In Stock Online (Hurry!!)

If you live in Illinois or certain parts of Missouri, there is a store called “R.P. Lumber” that is local. I have one in my city and I didn’t realize it wasn’t everywhere in the US! Their website shows that they still have toilet paper in stock… including Charmin, Angel Soft, etc. which is rare right now!

Sadly, I’m only seeing toilet paper in bulk… multiple packs together. I saw a 12 pack of 4 rolls (48 rolls altogether) for $45 of Angel Soft toilet paper.

Based off what I’ve seen, I believe that they are only shipping to zip codes that are local to their store. Shipping is VERY expensive to have it shipped to your home but you can get it shipped to the store for free to pick up.

To go straight to the website, click here.

Type in “toilet paper” in the box that says “Shop Online Products.” Then type in your zip code to see which toilet paper products are available to be shipped to your zip code!

I expect this to not last long because toilet paper is very hard to find right now… along with R.P. Lumber not being a well-known store (meaning lower inventory). Good luck!


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