Walgreens: Free 8×10 Print

Now through March 3, you can get an 8×10 print at Walgreens for FREE! All you have to do is select an 8×10 photo of your choice and then enter the code “FREEMARCH” at checkout. Use the option “Pickup in Store” to avoid paying to ship the photo to your house.

If you find yourself having trouble using a photo code, make sure you try both a desktop and the app before giving up!

Also, don’t forget to put your number in at checkout even though it may be free. It shows Walgreens that you are shopping and visiting the store and gives you more of a chance to get more coupons! Usually I get a coupon that says “get $5 in points on a $20 purchase” whenever I get a free print. Enjoy!

Total Before Coupon: $3.99
Code “FREEMARCH” at checkout
Total After Coupon: FREE!

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