ExpiredAmazon: Free $10 Credit Toward Pet Food

Right now you can go on Amazon and make a “Pet Profile” for your pet and receive a $10 credit toward pet food! Here are the steps:

First, go to your Amazon menu and find “Your Account”:

Next, click on “Your Pets”:

Finally, go through the steps of setting up a pet profile. At the end, you’ll see this button that says “Enjoy $10 off your first pet food order.” Once you click this, it will take you to the pet food for you to order.

That’s it! The $10 credit will be applied whenever you go to checkout. I’m not sure when this deal will end, so grab it while you can. Enjoy!

Note: You may also qualify for 40% off your first subscription order. These two promotions can be used together. But remember, if you subscribe and save, it will charge you and ship you the same order every month. This can be canceled at any time, even after receiving your first discounted purchase.


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