ExpiredVans Family: Free Vans Stuff!

Apparently there is a reward system where you can get free Vans stuff and I’m JUST learning about it. There is an app called “The Vans Family” where you sign up (for free) and do little tasks. Some examples of tasks include: Telling them your shoe size, confirming your email and inviting friends. There’s literally a whole list of easy tasks to do.

For each task, you’ll gain points. Once you get enough points, you can redeem them for rewards. Below are some examples of some of the rewards.

PLUS, I had a follower tell me that sometimes they send surprise rewards to you. He received a pair of shoes in the mail about a month after he signed up. He said that they give them away randomly to surprise people. That is AWESOME.

To sign up and start building reward points, click here.

Let me know if you ever redeem or receive some really cool prizes!

  1. just signed up ill keep you posted! i found you on tiktok!!

  2. This works already have 875 in points!

  3. When you use your points do you get the stuff you used them on?

  4. From how I read the descriptions of the rewards, it’s only a CHANCE to win the rewards rather than redeeming for an actual item.

  5. Mine is on the way!

  6. How many points was this bag? I can’t find it on my app

  7. We actually been in the Van family for one year. They actually send us a thank package with a backpack, hydro flask, stickers and a hat. They are a great company.

  8. I earned enough points to get a reward and went to redeem it and nope. You have to pick your reward up a an actual Vans store. The closest one to me is in St. Louis, MO which is 3 hours away from me so it kind of sucks.

  9. We have received the following for free from vans reward:
    -wooden checkerboard game
    -lunch bag
    -tote bag
    -phone case
    and we still have almost 800 points left to spend. It’s an awesome program!

  10. I would love free stuff
    My size is small in women’s clothes

  11. My size is small in women’s clothes

  12. Hi Vans family, I am a mother of 3 kids .I am a single parent an unemployed.I have a 4 year old son, 10 years girl an a 15 years girl she love Vans sneakers.I just can’t afford it.She always feel bad when is time to dress up at school an her friends wearing Vans an she doesn’t have.An she sometimes love borrowing them from from just to look nice.She says Vans is a comfortable shoe a good quality.

  13. I just wish I could win this Vans coupon this December so my baby girl could be so happy on Christmas.Thank u

  14. Just received a pair of shoes in the mail today! So stoked!

  15. Hi, nice & good info Kayla, thank u! My daughter really like Vans but they really kinda expensive:( in the stores, so a bit discount or points would really help. I’m wondering if Vans still do this (March 2021 now) and if this applies in Canada too? Thank u:)

  16. Ive been a fan for over a year ive never won anything or recived anything free. It is nice to redeem point for stuff though

  17. This is awesome

  18. The headline is not a lie. Been a Vans family member for a while now. One day I put a pair of red Ultra Ranges in my cart and was still on the fence about purchasing them. I forgot about them and was gonna wait to see if a new color was coming out soon. Then a Vans box shows up with a note from Vans saying “hey..we saw you checking these out and thought you’d enjoy a surprise!” It was awesome.

  19. I have enough ponits to get the red vans flag and the closest store near me looked at me like i have no idea what i eas talking about when i went to get it and im so upset ! Ive been just sitting here waiting for it to be able to be shiped to my house ! Can anyone please help me

  20. I’m apart of the vans family, signed up a few months ago. Literally received a new pair of shoes today in the mail. I had no idea. Completely made me day.

  21. Vans is one of the best shoe brands with comfortable sneakers

  22. Need some shoes men 10and half

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