ExpiredAmika: Free Hair Products – Hurry! This Won’t Last Long!

RUN DEAL: RIght now you can sign up for Amika and get a free $10 PLUS free shipping! Here’s how you do it.

  1. Click here to go to Amika’s website.
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. They will automatically give you 100 points, which is equivalent to $10.
  4. Choose an item $9 or less. I suggest checkout out their products that are 40% off right now (price reflected in cart)!
  5. At checkout, choose the option to redeem your $10 gift card.
  6. It will not ask for your credit card information if you choose an item cheap enough to be covered by the $10 gift card.

Good luck! Sometimes offers like this don’t last long and sometimes they might cancel orders. We can only hope for the best!


  1. Unfortunately it didn’t give me my points for signing up with a new account. Bummer

  2. I got it! Why do they cancel orders? I hope they dont !! 😩 Thanks for this!

  3. Hey ❤ its Noon here in Ohio && I got the 100 points. Plus got 2 products for free, thank you … I LOVE FREE

  4. I got two products and only paid $1.20! So excited for these to come in!

  5. Also, you can do it multiple times if you create a new account with a different email address!

  6. I signed up but they won’t send me my email! 😫

  7. I got 2 items for only $1.20! Free shipping too. Thank you!

  8. They offering 15% off for me. Maybe I missed it. 🥺

  9. It doesn’t work 😰

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