ExpiredCollage: Free Personalized Blanket (Just Pay Shipping!)


Right now you can get a personalized 30″x40″ personalized blanket for FREE with Collage, you just pay shipping! This is a perfect Christmas present for your mother, grandmother or significant other. Giving the gift of memories is always the cutest type of present!

These types of blankets are usually $79.99, so this is such a good freebie!

To get this deal, click here. Under “featured products,” click “Smooth Fleece Blankets.” Be sure to change the size to 30″x40″ (baby) blanket. It may seem small in the pictures, but it’s the perfect size for putting on the couch or a chair for decoration to show off your pictures!

Once you have designed your blanket and added it to your cart, use the code “BlanketDeal” at checkout. This will make the blanket free, you just pay shipping.

The shipping is $15. Usually I wouldn’t pay this much for shipping, but even paying $15 to get this product is super cheap! It’s hard to find $15 personalized blankets.

I’m not sure when this ends, so get it while you can!

  1. It’s marked to $9.99 now, 87% off

  2. Some of the links are taking me to a fleece jacket. 🙁

    • The links should take you to “collage.com” and then you should look for the “soothed fleece blanket” on the main page.

  3. I think they changed the price to $9.99. I double checked and I clicked the baby size and the link you provide takes you right to the smooth fleece. $9.99 is still good and 87% off.

  4. Whooo! Snagged this as a Christmas gift! thank you for the deal

  5. it just worked for me! You just have to edit coupon code with the one given and it changes no just $15.98!! Thanks!

  6. Just bought this for my parents! Thanks so much! Saved me a lot of money on my christmas gift!

  7. Totally did this and one Christmas gift down! Thank you!

  8. Worked!! <3

  9. I just got my “blanket” today. Totally disappointed. It’s actually more like a piece of felt with a picture. I do not recommend this at all.

  10. Still works on 11/24!

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