Walmart: $16 Dog Food + $20 Gift Card (Money Maker!) (Glitch?)

Right now Walmart is doing a promotion where you can get gift cards with your purchase of certain dog food. One of the bags of dog food is $16 and will give you $20 back in gift cards with your purchase. That’s a money maker (before shipping) WITHOUT a single coupon!

Note: The gift cards should be sent with the dog food.

Click here to go straight to the dog food + $20 gift card product.

Most likely this is a glitch, which means it’s not suppose to happen! So get this while you can because they will probably change it very fast!

My total ended up being about $24 after tax and shipping. $4 for a 29 lb bag of dog food? Okay!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I would take screenshots of your order to prove that you were suppose to get a $20 gift card just incase they do not ship it with your order.

  1. I don’t see where the gift cards are. I’ve added the dog food to my cart but don’t see a gift card option.

  2. It didn’t take me to the spot 😭

  3. It is already gone. Showing unavailable at checkout

  4. Yay I just joined your text group and I was able to snag this deal! Thank you!!

    • Yay!! I’m so glad someone was able to. It was gone so fast!! Congrats! Be sure to keep your receipt and any screenshots if you took any to prove that you should get two gift cards. My order shows the two gift cards so it should be fine. I’m excited! It’s hard to get free dog food! 🙂

  5. It worked for me!! Thanks!

    • Yay!! So glad you were able to get it! Be sure to keep your receipt email to show that you are suppose to get the two gift cards just incase they don’t send it. But they should send it. I’m not too worried about it. I’m excited! 🙂

  6. I orders 2 bags and some deodorant for my husband. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get canceled. If it does not get canceled it would be a total of $.43 for almost 60 lbs of dogs food and a 2 pack of mens deodorant after gift cards.

    • $0.43!! So freaking cheap!! I also hope it doesn’t get canceled. And be sure to keep your receipt as proof, of course, just incase. 🙂

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