ExpiredSpotify Users: Free Google Home Mini (This is Still Working!)

If you have a Spotify account, or make a new account, you may be able to grab yourself a free Google Home Mini! This deal is available to those in the US who have an individual or family premium account (or those who sign up) with Spotify.

If you don’t have Spotify, you can sign up for an individual account or a family account and get the Google Home Mini for free.

If you already have a premium individual account, click here. Then, scroll down until you see where it says “Already have Premium Individual? Get your Google Home Mini.”

If you already have an premium family account, click here. Then, scroll down until you see where it says “Already have Premium Family? Get your Google Home Mini.”

I already received mine in the mail! Once you reserve your Google Home Mini, it will send you an email with your estimated ship date. There are many people getting this deal so it could take awhile to receive!

  1. Just got mine, thank you so much!

  2. You cant get it if you have the free trial it has to be the one you pay for it asked me to forfeit my free trial to be able to get the mini

  3. My family got ours! Thank you!

  4. Thank you , just orderedd mine

  5. How does this work exactly…?

  6. I can’t get mine to work it says Gift message is not available for this order

  7. Can’t wait to regift this for Christmas! 🙂

  8. I followed all the steps then it lets me add it to my cart for $0 but when I go to check out it says it’s $49.00 ):

  9. Omg just ordered mine! Thank you so much!

  10. It worked but it said we will send you a email if you’re eligible

  11. It’s asking me for my card information when I already have the individual Spotify. I click the link, login and then it asks for payment options??

  12. Did you add your credit card info? Just curious because it is asking for mine.

  13. Does this only work with the blue and coral one ? Because it says I can’t with the grey or black one

  14. Tried it as well. Was charged $49. I went to the last page and still said I was being charged $49 + tax. ???

  15. Had to try it a couple times but finally got it to work. Thanks.

  16. Does this deal still work?

  17. Does this only work in the states?

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