ExpiredGet a $30 Walmart Gift Card When You Recycle an Old Car Seat (September 16-30)


Get your old, unneeded car seats ready! Starting September 16 through September 30, you can take your old car seats up to Walmart in return for a $30 gift card. This will be available online only and only at participating stores.

How does it work?

First, make sure your store is participating in the event. You can check this here (just put in your zip code).

Next, between 09/16/19 and 09/30/19, take your car seat up to a Customer Service counter. They will take the car seat and in return give you the $30 gift card.

Last, you use the gift card and TerraCycle will recycle your car seat!

Is there a catch?

There’s only 2 rules!

One, you can only trade-in 2 car seats per household (that means you are able to get up to $60 in gift cards!). Therefore, if you have multiple car seats, give them to a friend to take up there to recycle!

Two, booster seats DO NOT count. Only car seats.

Which car seats are eligible?

Any brand! As long as it is an actual car seat and not a booster seat, it will be accepted.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Be sure to put it on your calendar so you don’t forget about it! There’s still a couple weeks left before the event starts so it could be easy to let it slip your mind. Don’t let that happen!


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